Compounding Can Be The Difference Between A Rolls Royce And A Camry

Compounding Risevest

Peter and Paula just got out of university and landed good jobs in Lagos that paid them a decent ₦150,000 salary.

Announcing The Moneyrise Conference

MoneyRise Conference 2022

We are excited to invite you to the Moneyrise conference – our first-ever conference. Themed, “How to Invest Safely and Successfully in 2022.”  We are hosting this event to help more people understand how to identify safe, sustainable investments, how to avoid unsustainable investment schemes, and most importantly, what are the best investment opportunities on… Continue reading Announcing The Moneyrise Conference

Obafemi Awolowo, Championing Education In The Western Region: The Beginnings Of How Awolowo Educated A Nation.

Obafemi Awolowo

“Every Nigerian citizen must be educated at public expense to the limits of his natural ability, to enable him to be in the finest possible state to produce the utmost he is capable of” Chief Obafemi

Travelling the world with a Nigerian passport; what is the cost?

Travelling the world on a budget

For many, travelling the world is such a lofty dream that only the rich can have, but did you know that with just ₦30,000 Benin republic?

Say “I do” without breaking the bank

Congratulations! You’re getting married soon. As you probably already know, planning a wedding is very stressful and expensive. In fact, various sources online estimate the average wedding to cost between ₦600,000 and ₦3,000,000, and this was before the price of everything started skyrocketing.

How To Use Rise To Give Your Kids A Trust Fund

How to use Rise to save for your kids

Sometime in 2020, a Reddit user found himself in a conundrum. He found out his grandfather left him an inheritance of over $3 million!

Market Update

Rise Market update

As the stock market continues to fall owing to massive corrections in growth companies, supply chain and Omicron issues, we are shifting some of our holdings to more defensive positions to reduce the impact on our portfolio