7 Lessons From 7 Legendary Investors

Risevest is stress free wealth management in global assets. This is about investment tips from legendary and world acclaimed investors. Ray Dalio, Peter Lynch, Carl Icahn, Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett, Bill Ackman and John Paulson.

Investing lessons from legendary investors. These lessons needed to thrive as an investor are not new, they only need to be learned over and over again.

Dips happen. How to deal with it.

Whenever market dips, it is normal for individuals to question their conviction. However, it is possible for their decision to be right and still experience frequent dips. Because dips is a feature of the market.

Shopify: 110% Revenue Growth Fuels Our Optimism

Shopify grew revenue by 110% and the stock soared by 11% on the same trading day. We believe Shopify is well positioned to capture the digital commerce revolution.

March Portfolio Companies’ Earnings Report

This month, only two companies from our portfolio reported earnings, CrowdStrike and Asana. CrowdStrike’s earnings report was so solid that we couldn’t wait until month-end before writing about it. If you missed it earlier, please read it here.  Asana 3 highlights Revenue grew 59% YoY. Customers spending $50,000 or more on an annualized basis in… Continue reading March Portfolio Companies’ Earnings Report

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CrowdStrike Delivered A Phenomenal Q4 Result

George Kurtz, CEO, and Co-Founder began his address with a very suiting comment for anyone who might have been anticipating the Q4 earnings report. He said, “We delivered a phenomenal fourth quarter with results exceeding our expectations across the board, as customers of all sizes are increasingly choosing CrowdStrike as their security cloud platform of… Continue reading CrowdStrike Delivered A Phenomenal Q4 Result

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It’s Not Enough To Just Invest In Stocks, Here’s Why

One of the things we preach constantly at Rise is Diversification. It’s about putting your eggs in a lot of different baskets, rather than all in one.  Diversification helps you perform better with your investments for two reasons:  It reduces the losses you make and improves the safety of your investments;  Because your investments are… Continue reading It’s Not Enough To Just Invest In Stocks, Here’s Why

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Square + TIDAL: How We Are Thinking About The Alliance

12 years ago, Square started solving small business problems by making easy tools that facilitate financial services. Then it went on to solving individual financial problems with the CashApp product. That wasn’t enough, in 2020, it secured a banking license and just last week launched an actual bank. And now, Square just bought a music… Continue reading Square + TIDAL: How We Are Thinking About The Alliance