A Beginner’s Guide to Rise

What is Rise? Rise is a product that connects Nigerians to foreign investment opportunities by offering Fixed Income securities, Real Estate, and stocks.  Several stock investment options exist in the Nigerian market, but they only offer stock options. We do two things differently. First, we act as a fund manager this means we don’t let… Continue reading A Beginner’s Guide to Rise

How Corona Virus Is Impacting Global Markets

The coronavirus infection has been spreading across the world since the inability to contain it within China. It has since affected several countries across South East Asia, and cases have been identified in 44 countries in total, including Egypt and Algeria. 81,000 cases have been identified, and about 3,000 deaths have occurred, most of them… Continue reading How Corona Virus Is Impacting Global Markets

Dollar Investment 101

Stable currencies are to investments what stew is to rice. For the best results, they absolutely have to go together. This is because your investments are supposed to be long term and if your currency is constantly being devalued, then no matter the returns you’re earning on them, your investments are probably losing, rather than… Continue reading Dollar Investment 101