Marqeta Inc: Powering The Fintech Revolution

Risevest Marqeta blog

Marqeta is a stock that has been on our watch list for a while, but with the recent sell-off in tech companies and its subsequent 42% drop, we have initiated a position in the company.

Ponzi Schemes In Nigeria: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

Risevest Ponzi scheme article

Ponzi schemes in Nigeria date as far back as the 1980s and early 1990s, over two decades ago.

The Best Tips To Navigate a High Inflation World w/ Kalu Aja.

Risevest how to invest during inflation

Inflation is a phenomenon that we all have to navigate through because it reduces the purchasing power of our money.

What Is Recession And How Does It Affect You?

Risevest What is Recession and How Does It Affect You

In the simplest of terms, a recession signifies moving backwards, the opposite of an advancement. Under normal conditions, we all would like to advance/grow in our endeavours

Investing During This Tightening Economic Cycle

Risevest explains how to invest in this tight economic cycle

There are typically four stages of the economic cycle. The first stage is the expansion stage or boom stage when credit is expanding, stocks are booming, the economy is growing and everyone feels like their investments are green and going up. This is followed by a slowdown stage where asset values have reached their peak… Continue reading Investing During This Tightening Economic Cycle

Savings And Investment: What Makes The Difference In Wealth Creation?

Saving and Investment, How you can use Rise

Savings can be traced back to the 16th century, when people stored items and spare coins in jars and clay pots for rainy days.

Obafemi Awolowo, Championing Education In The Western Region: The Beginnings Of How Awolowo Educated A Nation.

Obafemi Awolowo

“Every Nigerian citizen must be educated at public expense to the limits of his natural ability, to enable him to be in the finest possible state to produce the utmost he is capable of” Chief Obafemi

We’re Increasing Our Portfolio Hedges To Protect Your Investments

Risevest is activating our hedging position

A few weeks ago, we shared that we had activated our portfolio hedges in response to the inflation driven market correction

Investing Is For You: 6 Women On Why Women Should Invest

Investing is for you, How 6 women on why women should invest

More men invest in equities than women and since equities outperform all other asset classes over the long term, by not investing in these assets, women are at a disadvantage.

The Dollar Investments That I Stashed Away In Rise Was Helpful Towards My MSc Journey. My Name Is Ifunanya And This Is How I Make My #MoneyRise

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We spoke to Ifunanya Moneke who is currently studying for her Master’s degree in Managing Innovation and Information Technology in the UK on how she was able to save and fund her Master’s degree by using Rise. This is her story.