If I started converting my savings when the Dollar was ₦190, I’d have a better grip on my finances. – My Name Is Valerie And This is How I Make My #MoneyRise

Valerie Risevest user story

I have had versatile experiences in the corporate space ranging from Public relations to social media management, business development, sales, financial portfolio management and banking relationship management. Lol, I’ve done quite a lot. However, I currently work as a Turnaround Planning engineer.

You Should Never Invest These 3 Categories Of Money

Risevest explains Money that you should never invest

Investing is important, but in the process of investing, there are money that should not be used to invest. This essay simply explains those kind of money.

How To Use Risevest To Build An All-Weather Portfolio

In 2020, our stock investment plan returned 40.77% while the real estate while the fixed income plan returned 16% and 10.1% respectively. Anyone seeing this would have wished that they invested all their money in the stock plan to get the maximum return possible. But is that the most efficient way to grow your wealth?

Investment Fraud and How To Protect Yourself

Fraud isn’t new and can be dated as far back as the 1920s. A con artist named Charles Ponzi defrauded many Americans by promising unbelievable returns from a strange scheme where he was using new investors’ money to pay off existing investors.   This trick was in play for years, from when Bernie Madoff was convicted… Continue reading Investment Fraud and How To Protect Yourself