Travelling the world with a Nigerian passport; what is the cost?

Travelling the world on a budget

For many, travelling the world is such a lofty dream that only the rich can have, but did you know that with just ₦30,000 Benin republic?

How To Use Rise To Give Your Kids A Trust Fund

How to use Rise to save for your kids

Sometime in 2020, a Reddit user found himself in a conundrum. He found out his grandfather left him an inheritance of over $3 million!

Market Update

Rise Market update

As the stock market continues to fall owing to massive corrections in growth companies, supply chain and Omicron issues, we are shifting some of our holdings to more defensive positions to reduce the impact on our portfolio

Rise November Equity Portfolio Report

Risevest Novmeber Report

The US equity markets in November was a story of two halves as strong quarterly earnings, inflation, potential interest rate hike, and pandemic supply chain problems swirled the markets

Your Rise Portfolio Was Impacted by the Selloff in Growth Stocks

Portfolio drop Rise

On Monday, November 23rd, several stocks in the Rise stocks portfolio fell more than 5% after all the major market indices wiped off the initial gains spurred by the renomination of Jerome Powell to a second term as Chairman of the US Federal Reserve

Five Lessons we learned from Squid game

Blog Rise squid game

Warning: Spoiler alert! If you haven’t seen it, I’m sure you’d have seen all the memes on the internet about it. A Korean Drama called Squid Game is taking the world by storm and we are here to provide some financial insights that we learned from it.  What’s the show about? Squid Game is a… Continue reading Five Lessons we learned from Squid game

How Ola Went From Living In A One Room Apartment To Owning Property Portfolios Worth £2million

MoneyRise Views

What do you do, when you live in a room apartment with your mother and siblings? You find an escape.  This story is about a Nigerian who moved from sharing a room in Lagos Island to owning property portfolios in the UK worth more than £2million. What do you do? I am a property investor… Continue reading How Ola Went From Living In A One Room Apartment To Owning Property Portfolios Worth £2million