“This Product Design dey Sweet Me Die, I No Go Lie. My Name Is Mudia Imasuen, And This Is How I Make My #MoneyRise.”

Imasuen talks to Rise abut product designing

On this episode of MoneyRise, we spoke to Mudia Imasuen, a product designer and podcaster who began his design journey in 2018.

Square’s Profits Are Up 91% And It Is Acquiring AfterPay

Square after pay

When we added Square to the Rise Stock Index many months ago, what attracted us to the company is its innovative products (about 30 of them) strategically chosen for an ecosystem play.

I Look For Investment Opportunities That Can Beat The Prevailing Inflation Rate Of The Naira. My Name Is Busola And This Is How I Make My #MoneyRise

I will say I am pretty principled when picking my investments. I am also an aggressive investor. Due to my age, I have enough time to accumulate wealth and allow compounding work for me. Firstly, I stay off Ponzi schemes. Next, I always look for opportunities that can beat the prevailing inflation rate of the Naira. This is one of the investment guidelines I have.