Market Update: Amazon Follows Google, Announces 20-1 Stock Split

Amazon Rise Stock split

One of the companies in our portfolio, Amazon Inc, has announced a stock split of 20-1 following the steps taken earlier in February by Alphabet (Google’s parent company).

Investing Is For You: 6 Women On Why Women Should Invest

Investing is for you, How 6 women on why women should invest

More men invest in equities than women and since equities outperform all other asset classes over the long term, by not investing in these assets, women are at a disadvantage.

How To Be A Good Investor

How to be a good investor

As the world progresses, more people understand the need to invest and how investment helps you attain financial freedom, especially with the rule of compounding.

How to deal with Black Tax

Risevest Black Tax article

Seun is currently undergoing his National Youth Service Corps program. He earns N33,000 from the Federal Government and N5,000 from his place of primary assignment.

“Create Because You Want To Create”, My Name Is Mayowa And This Is How I Make My #MoneyRise

Mayowa shutabug Rise

The MoneyRise team spoke with Mayowa Shutabug, a Nigerian Digital Artist who takes us on the journey of how he began creating art, the transformation it brought to his life, his dream of building a university of Art and how he invests his money. Delivers Positive Results Rise Portfolio

Hello Risers, One of your portfolio holdings is a company called, which is a cloud-based provider of Billings, accounts payable and automated invoicing services to small and growing businesses. Our thesis on this investment is that cloud solutions for small businesses are a growing market and that more and more businesses will choose to… Continue reading Delivers Positive Results

7 Reasons Why You Should Invest With Rise And Exchange Gain Isn’t One Of Them

Whenever the naira exchange rate drops against the dollar, our customers are happy. This is because they chose Rise, which means that the value of their wealth is well preserved and not impacted by any devaluation. And for that, we couldn’t be more proud of the work that we do.

Sometimes It Is In The Risks That You Find The Reward – My Name Is Oluwatelemi, And This Is How I Make My #MoneyRise

Interview with Telemi

When people ask you, what do you do, what do you tell them? I am a Legal Practitioner. I specialize in Business & Start-up Advisory, Technology & Real Estate Law.  What does financial wealth mean to you? It means being comfortable enough to be able to invest in start-ups, stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency or any other… Continue reading Sometimes It Is In The Risks That You Find The Reward – My Name Is Oluwatelemi, And This Is How I Make My #MoneyRise

“Even When I Heard The News From CBN, I Still Invested $700 in My Rise Plan” – My Name Is Maryam, And This Is How I Make My #MoneyRise.

Risevest Maryam User Story

I started in February 2021, I have a real estate investment in Nigeria, but I had a clause, I could not always cash in or cash out the way I wanted.

What To Expect When You Are Investing For The Future

Risevest wealth plan

When you wake up and dress up to go out for the day’s toil, you often do so with the expectation that things will work out well for you and that you will return safely home. But what if the day doesn’t go as planned?