When should I start investing?

It is easier for people to save than invest because savings have virtually no risk and are usually short-term. Unlike investing which carries some risk and should be long-term. Also, with savings, you just put money away but investing means putting money in something and that something requires thought. You want to know that whatever is invested… Continue reading When should I start investing?

Investment Fraud and How To Protect Yourself

Fraud isn’t new and can be dated as far back as the 1920s. A con artist named Charles Ponzi defrauded many Americans by promising unbelievable returns from a strange scheme where he was using new investors’ money to pay off existing investors.   This trick was in play for years, from when Bernie Madoff was convicted… Continue reading Investment Fraud and How To Protect Yourself

How to Talk About Money With Your Partner Without Having An Argument

It’s the season of love and we know most of us are already gearing towards the 14th. So in line with this, we will be discussing how to talk about money with your partner, and how to achieve your financial goals as a couple. For those who aren’t married yet, please marry someone who is… Continue reading How to Talk About Money With Your Partner Without Having An Argument

Don’t Make Money Your Mission

Don't make money your mission

In all the talk about financial freedom, wealth building and investments it’s easy to lose sight of some important things. So we feel it’s our responsibility to remind you of this: the goal of life is not to end up with the highest net worth possible. While money is important, money is not the ultimate goal.

How To Make The Most Of Black Friday Shopping

It’s Black Friday shopping season and as I’m sure you’ve all noticed, retail and shopping outlets have started advertising eye popping deals to entice buyers. Here at MoneyRise we want you to make smart money decisions, so we are going to share some quick tips about how to make the most of the Black Friday… Continue reading How To Make The Most Of Black Friday Shopping

Stocks 101

There’s been a lot of talk lately about buying stocks, trading stocks, investing in stocks, stock market etcetera. So you can’t be blamed if you are currently wondering, what even are stocks? Well, let us help you answer.  Stocks are small units of ownership in a business that you or anyone can purchase. When you… Continue reading Stocks 101

Dollar Investment 101

Stable currencies are to investments what stew is to rice. For the best results, they absolutely have to go together. This is because your investments are supposed to be long term and if your currency is constantly being devalued, then no matter the returns you’re earning on them, your investments are probably losing, rather than… Continue reading Dollar Investment 101