Compounding Can Be The Difference Between A Rolls Royce And A Camry

Compounding Risevest

Peter and Paula just got out of university and landed good jobs in Lagos that paid them a decent ₦150,000 salary.

How To Use Rise To Give Your Kids A Trust Fund

How to use Rise to save for your kids

Sometime in 2020, a Reddit user found himself in a conundrum. He found out his grandfather left him an inheritance of over $3 million!

Demystifying Central Bank Digital Currencies

CBDC Rise article

From the barter system to the use of cowries and seashells to coins and paper notes, practicality and convenience have fueled the evolution of legal tender. It is for these same reasons that we have financial institutions, cheques and credit cards today. Imagine if we still had to carry cash and coins around to transact… Continue reading Demystifying Central Bank Digital Currencies