Marqeta Inc: Powering The Fintech Revolution

Risevest Marqeta blog

Marqeta is a stock that has been on our watch list for a while, but with the recent sell-off in tech companies and its subsequent 42% drop, we have initiated a position in the company.

We Are Buying More Meta (Facebook) Shares

Risevest adding Meta to the shares

We are adding more shares of Meta (Facebook) to the portfolio to take advantage of great valuation

We Are Adding S&P Global And Moody’s To Our Rise Stock Portfolio

We are adding S&P and Moody's to our portfolio

S&P Global Inc and Moody’s are global firms that provide financial data analytics solutions to companies in the capital and commodity markets

A Beginner’s Guide To Rise

Risevest a beginners guide to using Risevest

What is Rise? Rise is a digital dollar asset manager that connects Nigerians to foreign investment opportunities through products such as Fixed Income, US Real Estate, and US Stocks. While several stock investment options exist in Nigeria, they only offer stock options; allowing you to buy and manage stocks yourself. We do two things and… Continue reading A Beginner’s Guide To Rise

Why NOW Is The Best Time To Invest.

Risevest Investment club meeting for May

You may be wondering what’s happening in the markets or in your portfolio, especially with how the markets have been faring in recent weeks

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The Best Tips To Navigate a High Inflation World w/ Kalu Aja.

Risevest how to invest during inflation

Inflation is a phenomenon that we all have to navigate through because it reduces the purchasing power of our money.

Join Our Weekly Leaderboard and Win Cash Prizes of up to $100 Every Week!

Risevest leaderboard

We believe that great things should be shared, and this is why we’re reintroducing our weekly referral leaderboards! Yay! We created this referral program just to encourage you to share our app and reward you anytime you successfully do so. So every week, there will be cash prizes to be won in our leaderboard referral… Continue reading Join Our Weekly Leaderboard and Win Cash Prizes of up to $100 Every Week!

Market Update: Amazon Follows Google, Announces 20-1 Stock Split

Amazon Rise Stock split

One of the companies in our portfolio, Amazon Inc, has announced a stock split of 20-1 following the steps taken earlier in February by Alphabet (Google’s parent company).