Announcing The Moneyrise Conference

MoneyRise Conference 2022

We are excited to invite you to the Moneyrise conference – our first-ever conference. Themed, “How to Invest Safely and Successfully in 2022.”  We are hosting this event to help more people understand how to identify safe, sustainable investments, how to avoid unsustainable investment schemes, and most importantly, what are the best investment opportunities on… Continue reading Announcing The Moneyrise Conference

Market Update

Rise Market update

As the stock market continues to fall owing to massive corrections in growth companies, supply chain and Omicron issues, we are shifting some of our holdings to more defensive positions to reduce the impact on our portfolio

Rise November Equity Portfolio Report

Risevest Novmeber Report

The US equity markets in November was a story of two halves as strong quarterly earnings, inflation, potential interest rate hike, and pandemic supply chain problems swirled the markets

Investment Club Meeting – November 2021 Edition: Crypto, DeFi & NFTs :Opportunities & Risks (Njoku Emmanuel & Ezekiel Orji)

Cryptocurrencies are a form of digital asset that exists outside the control of governments and central authorities. They have grown in popularity among people who want to dabble in assets that are outside the traditional trading and investing spaces and they believe it could be the future of money. Today, It is possible to make… Continue reading Investment Club Meeting – November 2021 Edition: Crypto, DeFi & NFTs :Opportunities & Risks (Njoku Emmanuel & Ezekiel Orji)

Your Rise Portfolio Was Impacted by the Selloff in Growth Stocks

Portfolio drop Rise

On Monday, November 23rd, several stocks in the Rise stocks portfolio fell more than 5% after all the major market indices wiped off the initial gains spurred by the renomination of Jerome Powell to a second term as Chairman of the US Federal Reserve

Rise Announces Teni as Brand Ambassador

We are excited to announce Teni Apata as our first-ever brand ambassador! The award-winning musician represents and connects with the ideal Riser – young, confident and talented Nigerians who despite their savvy often lack access to a well-managed investment portfolio that would help them achieve their financial goals. According to Teni, she loves Rise as… Continue reading Rise Announces Teni as Brand Ambassador

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What Caused Yesterday’s Market Rout?

Wednesday was a tough day in the US stock markets as several companies took a deep dive, causing the S&P 500 to slip -0.8% on the day, the second day of drop for the index

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